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What it is?

An open source and well maintained library for Malware Enthusiasts, Analysts .


Keeping in mind the community partnership between InQuest Labs and Ax1al, we look forward to analyzing and dedicate reports and papers for YARA Rules, Sigma Rules and all sort of juicy info regarding the in-depth understanding of IOCs and information sources of samples also determining what samples are interesting. If you are an enthusiast this library can be a pretty good playground for you.

Malware Samples

Classification Sample Label Sample Description Inquest Labs Multi AV Report Download





What do I do to get started ?

You can download the malware samples from our library and you can get started with Malware Analysis also we will help you to get started with YARA Rules and Sigma rules and all other juicy information for making your malware analysis journey a memorable one.

I just want to get started, but I don't know and I am confused.

Your welcome, Join Our Discord Server for resources.

What if I misuse those samples ?

As a joint initiative between InQuest Labs, we will have a certain set of bindings for usage of the samples for research purposes only.


Community Partners


The InQuest platform provides high-throughput Deep File Inspection (DFI) for threat and data leakage prevention, detection, and hunting. We aim to automate and scale the expert knowledge of a typical SOC analyst. Available on-premise or as a service, we leverage a variety of sources in our automated decision-making engine. This includes bi-directional orchestration with multi-scanning and sandbox platforms, unique threat intelligence sources, and a seasoned signature development team augmented by machine learning.