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A Discord Bot which is developed to aid reverse engineers, it aims to support your RE work as a Disassembler which currently supports x86, x16, x64, ARM64 architectures along with other features like type conversion and lot more!

- Disassembler:

The bot supports a disassembler for multiple architecture like x64, x86,x16, arm64 upon the user's input of opcodes making it easy and simple for the user.

- Hex2CByteArray:

Convert hex bytes to a C bytes array.

- Hex2C#ByteArray:

Converts hex bytes to C# byte array

- Hex2RustVec:

Converts hex bytes to Rust Vector.

- Supports multiple conversions:

This bot is capable of converting hexadecimal to binary, base64 to ASCII, ASCII to hex and reverse a string and lot more, based on user input to save time and efforts of visiting multiple websites for type conversion.



This reference is currently in beta version and has been made to make your RE process a bit less painful while you spend most of your time reading various architecture manuals , we will keep updating this instruction set reference within a certain time frame.


- The bot has been coded and maintained by astr0

- Webpage maintained by T3CH_W1Z4RD