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Frequently Asked Questions

What it is?

An open source and well maintained malicious document library for Malware Enthusiasts, Analysts.


Keeping in mind for the researchers, enthusiasts, and nerds who love to study about threat groups and their artifacts. Axial will be maintaining this well curated library which is supported by various threat group researchers and papers available on the web.

What is/are the motivation behind this?

We at AX1AL , are not professional threat researchers, we love studying threat groups and artifacts so we built this small database containing artifacts of threat groups, it is completely open-source for the community and will be updated weekly.

Various threat group researchers have already attributed them , how is HAWK Base contributing towards it ?

Various threat researchers have already attributed them , but finding all the possible attribution from various threat group to study about , is a hectic job , so we wrote and collected brief info and made very small reports about those as it saves time for the enthusiast or any individual to have an overall summary about the artifacts.

There are lot of issues onto the report, how have you planned to sanitize them?

First of all thank you for the effort , we appreciate the feedback and constructive criticism therefore we would love if you support us by joining our discord server : https://discord.gg/axial , and submit your bug or issue you have found , we in return will put up your name as one of our supporters for this project and the maximum errors submitted will lead you to receive some stickers from our end.


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