An information security guild content focused bot. Load handy cheat sheet for static and dynamic binary analysis, Windows API lookup, search the web from the Discord and lot more!

- Intel Manual lookup:

It is often time-consuming to look up the Intel manual for reverse engineers and low level developer with the bot you can load up your exact keyword along with other possible matching keywords at the Discord chat itself, along with options to fast-forward read the entire manual in one go.

- File-Type Identifier:

Identifies random file-type with hex-signature and with the extension of the file.

- On-Demand Cheat Sheet:

The bot loads up cheat sheet for tools like Interactive Disassembler and various other debuggers like GNU Debugger, OllyDbg, x64Dbg and lot more as an aid to reverse engineers on demand.

- Exercises:

So you are confused where to practice reverse engineering? The bot loads up a small list of sites for you to practice your reverse engineering skills.

- Various documentation related to Windows API and other functions:

Loads up certain on demand documentation related to Windows API and other keywords present in Microsoft Documentation and also offers the user to select the exact API or keyword and then loads code snippet along with it for better clarification

- Windows System Call:

Loads up information on system call tables collected from all modern and older releases of Windows, starting with Windows NT, which has been officially maintained by j00ru.

- Linux System call documentation:

Loads up information on Linux system call its definitions.

- Shodan Queries:

Shodan queries and search straight from Discord chat on demand by user.

- Google & Stack Overflow search:

Performs Google & Stack Overflow search from discord itself after as per the query by user.

- Content creators:

Some awesome content creators, are you a content creator and want that your content should reach some more discord server without you being present at the guild? Contact Us!


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