ODbgScript Cheat sheet

ODbgScript Is a very useful Plugin. It helps you to automate your work in OllyDbg and make it easier when it comes to unpacking and such stuff its instructions are very similar to asm or assembly like language . I am currently learning it and therefore , decided to post a quick handy cheat sheet which might help others .


var = For defining variables
mov = move a value from place to another
$RESULT = Stores the Result of an operation

Conditional Jumps:

JNE = Jump if not equal
JE = Jump if Equal
JMP = Jump
JB = Jump if Below
JA = Jump if Above
CMP = Compare two operands


STI = Execute F7
run = Execute F9 (run)
STO = Execute F8
BC = Clear a Breakpoint
BP = Set BreakPoint
BPHWS = Set Hardware Breakpoint
BPHWC = Remove Hardware Breakpoint
msg = Display Message
find = find an expression at an address
cmt = put comment
go = go to address

So that’s a small cheat sheet hope u enjoy & bookmark this small cheat sheet and now go and tinker with your ollydbg ❤️. In the upcoming I will try to cover up basics of assembly language and also other debuggers . Till then happy debugging !

Blog by: astrovax [@astrovax_]