Who are we?

Axial is a community of like minded nerds who focus on reverse engineering, malware analysis and general nerdery regarding to malware, at axial we also focus on various web attack vectors and techniques to leverage our OSINT skills which is accomplished by release of various blogs which range from extremely beginner to an intermediate level which also makes sure to demonstrate the techniques in a broader range, Axial also focuses on various open source based projects dedicated towards the afore mentioned domain, definitely aligning with the offensive, and defensive side of the information security domain. Leveraging the ante on open source information security based research without gatekeeping is one of our main goals. The world is enough complex, we believe in keeping things simple, If you are a nerd and looking for a place to have fun and learn, axial is definitely the place you are looking for. We welcome you fellow nerd. Join us at our discord server

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